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Your Weekly Horoscope: July August 2,

With your right brain and subconscious both super-activated, the Law of Attraction is working overtime in your favor. On December 21, the winter solstice arrives and kicks off Capricorn season. Magical thinking gives way to pragmatic planning, as earthy Cap turns our thoughts to goals for the year ahead. The next day, December 22, brings a heart-opening Cancer full moon, which puts us in touch with our deepest feelings and brings out the seasonal sentimentality. The first one, a supermoon, arrived on January 1, , bookending this intense year with so many emotions.

Look back to what you were doing the last time the calendar turned. Christmas this year will feature the moon in playful and passionate Leo , which will make for warm and convivial vibes…but also the possibility of drama and diva antics, especially under the mistletoe.

Spiritual Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and to symbolize the shedding of outworn layers as the calendar turns, you might include a ritual in your celebrations.

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At pm EST, the moon will form a flowing trine to manifestation-magnet Neptune, the perfect moment to inform the universe of your most soul-stirring wishes! Get the Horoscope Guide! The most wonderful time of the year indeed! Mercury retrograde can affect you on a personal level. You may have some extra paperwork or news return back to you that requires a review.

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There can be a need to take a trip out of town to visit an old friend. Words have heavier meaning at this time, so be careful how you use yours. You will not want to rewind the tape to apologize if you have a chance to avoid a conflict instead. When Venus aspects with Chiron in Aries this week followed by a communication with Uranus in Taurus, relationships can come under evaluation.

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You strive to be authentic, and those that don't share similar values or pretend to be your friends but aren't may become less attractive to you. This opens your awareness of matters related to money and may even put you in the limelight in some area of career. With Venus and the Sun in your second house, your career and personal capabilities gets more attention. You may have an opportunity to see how and when you are able to contribute valuable contributions in the workplace. You may experience a benefit or be invited to take on a new challenge that is a form of wealth building for you too.

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With this week's Venus, which is in your 2nd house, aspects Chiron, the wounded healer and Uranus in Taurus making waves in your career and learning sectors. As with the ecliptic cycle that started during your solar return, prompting you to gain clarity about how others regard you when you start making breakthroughs in your life. The Sun is in your sign, with Venus and Mars all month. Lots of changes taking place in your life on a personal level related to your identity. Mars in your sign can give you more drive and desire to take risks and to fight for what you believe is yours.

This week squares Uranus and harmonizes with Chiron in Aries, and relates to what you do for a living. Leo's weekly theme song: End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future — Taylor Swift. The doors to past business with shared property opportunities with new relationships opens up for you. You might receive a refund that is due to you financially or where you get to return to a place you had to surrender rights to. Your ruling planet, Venus is in Leo this week and things start to heat up for you in the area of friendships, and yes, this could also invite love.

On Thursday, when your planet makes a connection with Chiron, some interesting insights can come through about your love life.

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This could be related to past love that caused you to feel less than worthy or insecure about your self. But, there's healing in this journey as you navigate the interaction with new insight, as Venus and the Sun in Leo aid one another's energy. Your ancient ruling planet Mars is in Leo this week, and can give you a strong desire to be treated by others in a way that makes you feel good.

Venus conjunct with the Sun in Leo also heighten your awareness and desire to work in smart ways that reduces stress and wastes your time.

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Soon, your ruling planet, Jupiter will be turning direct, and so there's still some areas to repair, mostly involving perspective and personal objectives. For you, this week, with Venus being the primary motivating planet for all zodiac signs, you will see progress with work. You are always looking out for others, but this time you may have someone close to you look out for you. This could be a loan, a job opportunity or a resource that helps you to not have to spend on an item that you need or want. This week also with the New Moon taking place in your 8th house, you can see a change in your life that involves partnerships.

You will may close a door and start moving in a new direction that will take time for you to adjust as needed.

This week, with Venus in your relationship house with the Sun and Mars, you can start to see a shift in patterns of behavior between you and others. You might decide to pursue other interests or set a boundary in your relationship so that you can focus on a dream that you're trying to develop. With the New Moon taking place in the 6th house for you, it's time for you to think 'new life, who's this?

You might decide to start up a new routine that gives you better control of your day, time and choices.