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And some. Be on the lookout for exaggerated promises and inflated egos. Your yearly forecast shows that your passport is gonna be stamped a few mores times in because your horoscope indicates trains and boats and planes, or even lots more shorter journeys. This is also the year that you might attend a school or college reunion or decide that you want to work on your relationship with your siblings.

The Light. Gemini October 2019

Gemini Horoscope predicts that will be a year when you will find the time for people that have your interests at heart and who value you and, more importantly, encourage you to value yourself. For a more personalised 12month forecast, based on your date of birth, get Your Personal Year Ahead Predictor here!

Gemini October Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Here is what the Gemini yearly horoscope predicts for your love life during ! Venus and Mars. Forgive us for sounding preachy. And where you find the Sun, Venus and Mercury, the planets that rule the heart and mind will never be too far away.

2018 astrology for lovers : yearly, monthly, weekly

Mercury will be the first to leave, leaving your romantic sector on 3rd October followed by Venus, the planet of love six days later. This should leave the Sun on his own and should also mean that by 24th October, with the Sun gone all focus on matters of the heart should be over for the year. Instead, the planet that is making sure neither of those scenarios happen is Mars, with the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos returning for his first visit to your romantic sector in two years, on 4th October.

Mars will return while Venus, the planet of love is still here, so will find that his romantic passions and fighting spirit have a receptive audience from the get go. With Mars here until 19th November, the romantic flame will continue to burn all month. In the meantime, now in his second month in direct motion in your relationship sector and due to leave in early December, Jupiter is now becoming a more dominant force on the relationship front.

Gemini Love And Relationship Horoscope 12222

With Venus, the planet of love returning early next month everything that you have been working for and towards all year is now starting to come together. Fortunately the Moon is making two visits to your relationship sector this month, giving you two opportunities to check in. The first visit is from 3rd October to 5th October, returning to check in again on 30th October, where it will see out the month.

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A real corner has been turned, with the whole dynamics of this financial year having shifted last month. It is when there is planetary activity in your income and financial sectors at the same time, which you did in the middle months of the year, that there is pressure between the two and as a result, financial tension. The last planet left your income sector in October, but the North Node has not only been keeping things on track, there has been just enough professional support.

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12222 Gemini Love Horoscope

There is a passing of the baton between the professional gods in the early days of the month, with Pluto…. Horoscope October Horoscope. There is always some tension between income and money matters at this time of year, as a new focus on… Read More. By Anne Macnaughtan September 18, As is always the case at this time of year, there is a slide from the adventurous to the professional… Read More.