Horoscope november 22

Ganesha suggests you not to be sentimental or hasty. Try to handle things deftly instead of dodging bad episodes or turning a blind eye to them.

Horoscope: November 22, 2018

You will give priority to domestic and private life instead of career or business aspects. You will be very emotional and sentimental today. Your ego prevents you from expressing your true feelings at times. You need to keep this in mind when attempting to communicate with your beloved. It is a good day for romance, and for those seeking love, says Ganesha. Foreign contacts will in all likelihood be a source of monetary profits. Ganesha says you will perform wonderfully in anything you might choose to undertake today.

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Even your ambition of setting up an offshore business enterprise will take root today. Ganesha says today will be the start of a new love story for you and you will be able to spend time with someone very dear to you. You will be more conscious today about your appearance and may even go to the beauty parlor.

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  7. Do remember the saying - beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Ganesha says that you will be equally conscious of your dressing style and clothes and may go in for a new wardrobe today. Today, there are chances that you would be disturbed by continuous flow of negative thoughts in your mind. Try to divert your mind and look for positive people or friends who would cheer you up. Understanding needy people and living up to their expectations would bring some respite to your disrupted mind, says Ganesha.

    Ganesha foresees business expansion on your cards.

    Your friends, relatives and other contacts across seven seas will lend a helping hand to develop your business. And thanks to your super communication skills that make the task easier. The leader in you is all set to conquer the world. Way to go! Some people do backbreaking work throughout their life, and still don't taste the sweet taste of success. Now is the time to take a step towards your higher calling, Libra.

    Sign up for a course or train under a mentor who will help you bring your gifts to the fore.

    Sun enters Scorpio

    The teacher-student relationship is a sacred one. Ensure you approach a practitioner you vibe with. Reiki, access bars, and crystal healing are some of the modalities you can delve into. Looking at something short-term? You could think about venturing out for a spiritual retreat or a workshop. Cosmic tip: Now is the time to take a step towards your higher calling.

    Born on the Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

    What is love if not unconditional? Keep your judgements aide, Scorpio. Allow yourself to see people as they are—beings of love and light. The gift of acceptance is a magical one and it promises to transform the most challenging relationships. Remember, every conversation is a two-way street. Members of your soul tribe could you to lend them a listening ear today.

    Be there for them in the best way you can. Cosmic Tip: The gift of unconditional love promises to transform your relationships.

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    What an exciting time to be you, Sagittarius! All the things that you have been working towards consistently are ready to take off at jetspeed. Spontaneous travel could be on the cards for some of you.

    Daily horoscope for Thursday November 22 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

    Are the mountains calling? It would be but impolite to decline this invitation. Cosmic Tip: Momentum is starting to build around the projects you have been investing your time and energy into. When you realise you are your only limitation, you decide to get out of your way. This is the time to realise your highest potential. Your calling is becoming crystal clear to you—more than ever before.

    Your willingness to walk bravely on the chosen path is opening many doors for you. Offers your fears and insecurities to the sacred fire as you keep moving forward. Cosmic tip: Now is the time to realise your highest potential. Gear up for an align your chakras kinda day! The good news is that this Gemini Full Moon can help to let go or release a way of thinking or communicating that may be holding us back. The energy evens out a bit on Saturday as the Gemini Moon meets up with Venus in partnership-oriented Libra, which can be good for social events, gatherings, and romantic connections.

    Plus, planet Neptune finally moves forward in Pisces again, helping us to feel more compassionate and understanding towards others.

    Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for November 22 to 28, 2015 - The Universe is Wise and Loving

    By Sunday, we could feel a tugging at our heartstrings as the Moon enters nurturing Cancer. Since Cancer is associated with motherhood and family, Sunday could be the perfect time for gathering with the people closest to us. Still, we'll have to be mindful of getting swept up in an emotion ocean as the Moon teams up with sensitive Mars in Pisces late Sunday morning.

    Sagittarius season is here, and so is a full moon in Gemini!

    Though the best way to channel this energy is by doing something kind for others, especially those that could use an extra helping hand. Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign this weekend, and be sure to check out your November horoscope. It's time for a game plan, Aries.

    Where are you headed next? If you find yourself getting a bit ansty this weekend, that's a good thing because it means your spark is coming back. You just need to figure out how to channel it so you don't get burned. Stillness can bring you clarity. You might find yourself rethinking your relationship with money this weekend, which could be helpful in boosting or repairing your self-worth. Focus on spending time with people that fuel and nurture you.

    If a relationship has run its course, it will be hard to ignore now. Don't let people pleasing get in the way of your own happiness. Meanwhile, with love, you're on the right track. You could attract someone worth your while.