Sravana star astrology

Family Life

You expect love and respect in return from those on whom you pour out all your love and care. At times you turn jealous as you are too demanding and expect people around you to give their entire time and attention on you. You get upset easily and pinched by slightest of things. You like to talk about your possessions and family achievements and you also would like others to look up to you and respect you.

You worry too much.

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You are quite attached to your home and family. Most of you would generally end up have more than one relationship. Check out: Free Horoscope compatibility for marriage, love, relationship and friendship. Business wise all activities related to exports and imports suit you.

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You could also be successful in the hotel and real estate industries. Your lucky gemstone is Pearl. Your Birth star Shravana is highly incompatible with birth stars Krittika, Rohini, Ashlesha, Magha, Chitra 1st and 2nd quarters, Vishakha, Mula, Uttarashada 1st quarter and Dhanishta 3rd and 4th quarters.

You are compatible with rest of the Nakshatras. Check out your manually prepared Matchmaking Analyis. You have also have an opportunity to get your personalized and accurate Marriage Prospects and Love Prospects. Go and Check Out what destiny has in store for you. These names can be mapped to Chitra Nakshatra.

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22 – Shravana Nakshatra

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మకరరాశి, శ్రవణా నక్షత్రం--తెలుసుకోవలసిన విషయాలు--Makara rashi--Sravanaa Nkashatram--V Prasad Hea...

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