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The VAC program is meant to help individuals understand their personal barriers and enablers for high performance in an organized, positive manner. This is done in partnership with the Vedic astrologer as the coach, using the tools of Vedic astrology to help the client to achieve the best outcomes possible in the optimum time available.

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As such the VAC model provides major training opportunities for astrological counselors and coaches. ACVA, and its core of professional educators is filling a gap in Vedic astrology counselor preparation programs.

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Astrological counselors can use the training they gain from the VAC model to promote client trust, rapport, and cultural empathy and improve the astrology counselor-client relationship. Supplement with the Graha Sutras Course if you learn well from listening.

Rasi Sutras - Take this course to round out your basics. Again, there is a lot of information in this course for even experienced astrologers as the Rasis are treated very in-depth in this course. Astrology of Character - Take this course as it teaches how to determine the foundation of the individual, without which you can just not understand or guide the client.

Many professional astrologers who have studied with me have considered what they learned in this course to be the single most important thing they learned for working with their clients. Shad Bala - Very important for understanding the horoscope and the person. Shad Bala has great practical application and you can read a person's chart for two hours just with Shad Bala.

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After those four studies, you can consider your basics to be very well rounded. Upon which you have several avenues open to you:. Focus on psychology and treatment of psychological complexes, insecurities and character weaknesses by taking the following Vedic Astrology courses:.

Character Effects of the Grahas - to round out your psychological and character effects of the planets especially of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Focus on event predictive astrology - the most difficult task of the astrologer, by taking the following Jyotish courses:.

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Varshaphala or Solar Returns for quick and efficient timing of events. These are very simple techniques that are learned very quickly though being very accurate. Varshaphala is really the best way to start making predictions.

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Focus on Relationship Compatibility and Couple Counseling by taking the following astrology courses:. Make sure you are very skilled in the techniques covered in the Astrology of Character course as they are an invaluable asset when judging an individual's suitability for partnership. Learn well the Astrology of Character Course and Bach Flower Remedies Course if you would like to better assist those people who routinely struggle in their relationships.

Focus on Time, which is known as Kala in Sanskrit.